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Media contributions and commentaries on crime victim, project work, strategic development and safeguarding policy work from all sectors and national governments.

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Simon Duckett


  • multi-agencies unmet public need
  • solid reputation tenacity diplomacy
  • twenty-six year career policy commissioning safeguarding
  • assessing need, risk, law, justice vulnerable public
  • crime victim research policy proposals
  • simon duckett writer handbook for crime victims
  • extensive operation multi-agency social work experience
  • safeguarding practice provision for highly vulnerable public
  • review service performance of the vulnerable
  • review quality of documentation
  • review staff supervision

about me about me

It is in my family upbringing and our values to make a contribution to vulnerable people. In this context my handbook is best seen and understood  Over the years, in a paid and non-paid capacity I have helped with the development of mental health projects, charities and struggling community groups. I have always held a strong interest in current affairs and social policy. My early life and education were in the quiet suburbs of London, and Norfolk in a secure and stable unremarkable family. In my twenties I qualified in dance and drama therapy and social work.  My racial heritage is black American and white English from which I believe I own the best of both sides of the Atlantic.

My interests lay equally in urban and rural life. In younger years these included nightclubs, theatre and contemporary dance, along with country pursuits like walking, riding and windsurfing. Unfortunately, the latter became historical due to my injuries. I remain keen, like most people, on travel especially to vast golden beaches and New York City. With age any spare time is spent in the countryside or on beaches, but away from computers.

Based in London, England, I have enjoyed a partial successful recovery following a devastating arson attack that claimed the lives of over a dozen people, leaving many with varying degrees of trauma, and many families without fathers, brothers and partners. This was in 1994, and I sustained multiple life threatening injuries, some degenerative, spending nearly two months in hospital with periodic out-patient care over many years to reach the degree of current health and capacity. If a person is to survive a devastating violent experience, and build a meaningful life, it will require more than a strong personality, family, friends and money that I am blessed with; it is much more than tenacity and love, it is about where government services from taxpayer's money are distributed, and to whom.

What struck me as forcefully as having to jump with my body burning onto concrete, was how awful and unregulated services for crime victims and survivors were, and remain, in Britain. Having always been on the employed, other side of the public service counter, it was difficult, bewildering and humbling to adjust to the condescending and ad hoc health and social provision. It was this that led me to address a huge growing gap – to produce a practical handbook for those affected that used my education and professional policy and work experience. Naturally, my crime victim experience guided and sharpened the content.

Currently, while researching for the next handbook edition, I am also completing drafts on two writing projects, a mini comedy series for television, and a collection of short fictional stories.

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