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officium - promoting justice for crime victims and survivors

promoting justice for crime victims and survivors

Services for people affected by violent crime need to reflect what is provided to perpetrators of violent crimes.

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surviving violent crimes surviving violent crime

surviving violent crime - accessing public services

assesing public services accessing public services

We are witnessing the steady dismantling of our welfare state in Britain and it is already severely diminished in capacity to respond to crucial areas of need, care and risk. It remains the case that the provision for crime victims and survivors is woefully inadequate and inconsistent. In Britain, we need a government willing to make a radical improvement in its attitude, priorities, practical delivery of services and national planning provisions for those affected by violent crime.

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surviving violent crime - use caution

use caution use caution

The dilemma the victim club appears to have is they are stuck. Many of the key activists carry patently unresolved problems that directly get in the way of their own best intentions. Serious caution should be used if approached or tempted to contact them.

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