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Various reviews from police, social, legal, media, medical, crime victim group, community publications for the first edition of Surviving Violent Crime.

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British Association of Social Work – Professional Social Work Issue, April 2005

Simon Duckett has written a very informative guide and manual for survivors of violent crime, their families and professionals. Simon makes excellent use of his experience as a professional in social care services and as a survivor of violent crime, to research and combine useful factual information with really helpful, practical tips for survivors and those around them.

Even if you are not directly dealing with the aftermath of violent crime, much of the information about the impact of crime and bereavement would be of interest. There is a lot of information in the book about organisations, systems and processes which are presented clearly and accessibly. This is then balanced with chapters on the human impact and response of being in this sort of situation, and how to take care of oneself and live with others around you. I could think of many work situations when this would have been a useful reference book to have in the office, and when I could have shared all or parts of the book with service users and their families. The short chapters, diagrams and charts are all useful in making the book very versatile in its use.

I would strongly recommend social workers to have this book as a reference guide, for even if you do not expect to deal with violent crime, the information in the book and references to organisations is of much wider interest particularly to all who are living with the aftermath of, and / or unexpected bereavement situations.

© 2005 Bridget Robb, Professional Officer (England), BASW

Care and Health, April 2003

This handbook, published by Simon Duckett, is aimed both at those who have experienced violent crime and police. This unusual interesting publication should also be of use to social care staff working with victims and offenders. It explains, in a very accessible way,the process, procedures and issues facing those who have experienced violent crime, laying out what victims should expect to happen, the support they should receive, and the emotions which they are likely to experience.

A second section covers legal issues, and there is comprehensive directory of useful organisations. Although the author is primarily concerned to ensure that the police take the matter seriously and respond effectively, the guidance and insights presented have a much wider relevence. This is remarkable handbook.

© 2003 Mike George, Care and Health Magazine

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