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officium - promoting justice for crime victims and survivors

promoting justice for crime victims and survivors

For those affected by violent crime expert specialist services are vital in reclaiming health, rehabilitation and justice.

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“My experience of cell site experts leads me to advise that the company FTS be instructed. They have been shown to be consistently better (and better value) than any others I have come across for either side (prosecution and defence). By virtue of doing a thorough job in the first place. The likelihood of needing them to revisit matters is low, and in the long term, much cheaper”. (A leading London Barrister)

Made up of individuals from the telecommunication industry and experienced former police investigators, we provide our services to Law-Enforcement, Lawyers, private companies and individuals, who in many cases can benefit from our expertise and experience. Although no job is too small, we have helped and provided significant evidence in some of the UK's most high profile cases.

Address: FTS Headquarters
  PO Box 242
  TN15 6ZT
Telephone: 01732 459 811
Fax: 01732 741 261
E-Mail:  info@ForensicTS.co.uk
Website: www.ForensicTS.co.uk

As world leaders, we can extract and recover data and deleted data from mobile phones and other digital applications that no others can. From mobile telephones, to cellular networks and from computers to iPhones Blackberries, SATNAV’s, fax-machines, we can deal with them all. We also provide video and audio enhancement and Cell-Site Analysis, as well as specialised and university accredited investigative training. 

A few examples of cases using our expertise:

  • The Chinese Student Murders, Newcastle upon Tyne. Chinese national Guang Hui Cao convicted after a contested trial. (2008)
  • The Rhys Jones Murder, Liverpool. Sean Mercer convicted of murder and several convicted of the involvement in the shooting and murder of an 11 year old boy following a contested trial. (2007)
  • The 50 Million Pound Bullion Robbery, Tonbridge, Kent. Several convicted of involvement in Britain's biggest bank robbery following a contested trial. (2006)
  • The PC Sharon Beshenivsky Murder, Bradford. Several convicted of involvement in robbery and the vicious shooting and murder of a young female police officer following a contested trial. (2005)
  • The Kris Donald Murder, Glasgow. Several convicted for the stranger abduction and sadistic murder of a 15 year old boy following a contested trial. (2004)
  • The Jason Hutchison Murder, Irvine, Scotland. Billy Ferris, the brother of the former Glasgow gangland figure, Paul Ferris convicted of the brutal (mistaken identity) murder of a 15 year old boy following a contested trial. (2003)
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