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For those affected by violent crime expert specialist services are vital in reclaiming health, rehabilitation and justice.

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Our specialist teams handle all aspects of personal injury law – from catastrophic injury claims both in the UK and abroad, to accidents and diseases in the workplace, to abuse and assault cases.  

Address: Pannone LLP
  123 Deansgate
  M3 2BU
Telephone: 0161 909 3000
Email: law@pannone.co.uk
Website: www.pannone.com

Within the Personal Injury department of Pannone, we undertake many criminal injury compensation cases every year, securing significant awards for the victims of assault through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). We also undertake civil claims on behalf of victims of abuse and assault, including claims against individual perpetrators and institutions who have failed to protect.

Our experienced and specialist solicitors provide sound legal help and emotional support at what is always a difficult time, working to address your immediate needs, as well as guiding you through the complex legal maze.  Our expert team are able to provide clear and effective advice to individuals who have suffered an assault and to explain the best course of action.

In some instances legal assistance is not necessary.  However, it is our experience that many cases are turned down or compensation is reduced under the rules, and in some cases we would advise that this decision should be challenged.  In serious injury cases, compensation offered is very often insufficient given the nature of the injury, its effects upon the victim and the financial losses likely to be suffered by the victim in the longer term. This is particularly important in catastrophic injury cases. 

Legal help is of more importance where the injury suffered has been serious.  At Pannone, we will advise whether legal help is likely to be of sufficient benefit to you to justify the cost involved.  If a claim for serious injury is turned down or reduced by the CICA we can advise whether it is worthwhile applying for a review or appeal.

If you have any concerns or questions or would like more information about pursuing a claim then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Examples of successful claims:

  • Child assaulted by father shortly after birth resulting in severe brain injury (subdural haematoma, multiple fractures, bilateral hemisphere damage, severe right hemiplegia, intractable partial epileptic seizures, visual impairment, significant motor and intellectual impairment). Maximum award of £500,000 June 2009
  • Adult male seriously assaulted by several youths as he walked home from an evening out. Serious head injury resulting in short term memory problems, dysexecutive syndrome and impaired frontal lobe functioning. He is unable to live independently.  Case settled for maximum award of £500,000 in August 2008.
  • Soldier in his 30s sustained hemiplegia following a stabbing in Germany. Maximum award of £500,000.
  • Head injuries to an adult male aged 34 years at time of award: £310,000
  • Assault on young man causing incomplete spinal cord lesion with mobility difficulties, depression, impairment of sexual bowel and bladder function. Award £400,000.
  • Claim brought by a partner of client for PTSD following an assault outside a nightclub. Total Award reduced by 50% due to previous convictions of £85,000.
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