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Headway News – the magazine of the brain injury association, June 2004

This is a comprehensive book explaining all the issues surrounding violent crime. It speaks about the personal problems faced by the victim and the different services they would use.

Written for the person who has survived the crime, it is also extremely useful for any services, such as social services, NHS and legal firms.

The author himself was the victim of a violent crime but despite this the book is in no way bitter and gives a good honest account of what to expect.

© June 2004 Headway


The Spinal Injuries Association Review, August 2003

In 1994, the author narrowly survived an arson attack in which 11 other people died. After a long period of recuperation and treatment he was faced with trying to obtain compensation for his losses through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

This book is not so much an account of his struggle, although it is clear that his experiences have influenced the subsequent writing he undertook, but it is also a well-researched guide for others who might find themselves facing the same uphill struggle for justice. There are sections offering advice on practical issues to do with coping with your feelings, getting yourself mentally and physically well and dealing with the experience of going to court. In fact the sub-title of the book A Guide for Progress and Living Well is a good reflection of the writing style and tone of the book.

Mr Duckett says his aim is to get county constabularies to buy the book in quantity and give it away free to people seriously affected by violent crime. There are probably many people out there who could benefit from dipping into this reference book. Let's hope it reaches them.
Check out the TS Duckett website: www.officium.org.uk

© August 2003 FORWARD Spinal Injuries Association

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