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Medical, September 2003

This is a ‘first’ in UK publishing: a comprehensive guide to both the victim / survivor living through and beyond an event of violence, and to those who seek to be professional helpers in that process.
Meeting the author in 2001, of this 470 page handbook, when he was well into the project of writing it, he was struggling with the complexity of the NHS and this is a formidable task – often as it is for those that need to access it. Yet, through the clarity of writing he has captured this so well. In attempting to explain the workings of the NHS, I realised the enormity of the task, and, actually, the inadequacy of the response by health, social, police and Victim Support as organisations to what is a significant issue for town and village, city and state.

Empowerment is so often a cliché but this book achieves this goal. Whether it is access; advocacy; emotional trauma; disability or just dealing with the criminal injuries compensation authority, there are well-presented chapters that allow anyone to appreciate and work through the relevant issues. One of the most important sections is ‘If violence has just happened’ as that is so often the stage at which the victim is feeling isolated and traumatised, and is also the stage at which skilled help is needed.
The focus remains steadfastly practical within the reference section and directory on every conceivable aspect of legal, social, financial, psychological and practical assistance.

This handbook, now in its second print is a model of best-practise in the field and is recommended as essential reading for policy-makers, police and social workers, counsellors and psychotherapists, health professionals and indeed anyone who is affected by the intrusion of violence into their life, or that of a friend or relative.

For enquiries or purchasing contact the author's website at www.officium.org.uk or Foyles Booksellers, London or Hammicks Legal Booksellers Limited, London. Both details available from the author's website www.officium.org.uk

© 2003 Dr Andy Watts MBBS BSc(Hons) MRCGP RN

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